The firm is separated into specialised departments, covering nearly all aspects of legal practice and maintaining specialised lawyers, advocates and legal consultants in their own expertise. In almost all matters, the firm uses work in order to best meet our clients’ needs and objectives while being in tune with the local legal, cultural and business environments.

Our firm offers a full range of legal and consulting services and specialises, inter alia, in the areas of Corporate & Commercial Law, Competition Law and Mergers and Acquisitions, European Law, International Tax Planning, Pharmaceuticals, IT Law, Internet Law, Data Protection as well as EU projects and EU funding.  The firm has consistently advised national and multinational corporations, associations, financial institutions and governmental organizations and it maintains leading clients from several industries and business sectors, including banking, insurance, real estate, telecommunications and information technology, construction, pharmaceuticals, and other.

The firm is committed to meet deadlines, even if this involves work outside normal working hours. We are also committed in ensuring that all information given to us by our clients is fully protected and documentation that is provided to the firm is maintained confidential.