Internet & E-commerce

Internet Law

We advise on the preparation of software licensing and computer contracts, as well as on electronic commerce transactions and web page design and operation matters. We also advise on Domain Name Registration, we are involved in preparing e-policies, employee rules of conduct, model terms and conditions for websites including Confidentiality, Privacy and Protection of Users. We provide legal advice on compliance with data protection and privacy legislation, including measures concerning unsolicited mail. Finally, it has organized various seminars on Information Technology and E-commerce.

We are also appointed as Arbitrators by the European Commission for domain name disputes concerning the .eu European top-level domain. Finally we can defend the rights of our clients whose domain name has been violated.


It is extremely important for website owners to be aware of internet legislation, particularly since they are trading and operating within the EU and many times internationally. That is why they have to include on their websites specific and complete information about their products and services, their delivery methods, their payment options etc. The online consumer has rights and EU law is making sure to provide them with those rights.

We can provide website owners careful legal advice and provide them with all the legal documents they will have to display on their websites, such as the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies and Disclaimer documents. Data Protection, Copyrights and Trademark registering are extremely important as well, not only in terms of their corporate ID but also in order to comply with the law.

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